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Can AP-275 mesh with AP-105?

Will an AP-275 Campus Controller managed AP mesh with an AP-105 Campus Controller managed AP?

I have a setup were two AP-105s are setup and working with one being a mesh portal and one being the mesh point. I added the AP-275 as a Mesh point, but it fails to connect. I'm thinking its because of the 802.11ac radio in the AP-275 and maybe i need to tweak the Mesh High-Throughput SSID profile.


Anyone have any ideas? Thanks a bunch!

Re: Can AP-275 mesh with AP-105?

What version of AOS are you running ?

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Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: Can AP-275 mesh with AP-105?

I'm running AOS on an Aruba 3400 controller.



Re: Can AP-275 mesh with AP-105?

It should work fine, depending on what channels they are on. Put the 105 cluster on Ch149 first, and then try. Also, what distances are you working with, in case they are outside of range? You may want to post your mesh config as well, but chances are it's a channel issue (if your 105s are running on indoor 11a channels 36-44, the 275 will not be able to join). 

Jerrod Howard
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Re: Can AP-275 mesh with AP-105?

It did end up being a channel issue. The AP-105 mesh portal was using channels 36 - 48 and the AP-275 was using 153 - 165. I disabled channels 36 - 48 on the Regulatory Domain used by the Mesh APs and the AP-275 Mesh Point was then able to mesh with the AP-105 Mesh Portal.


I also disabled scanning on the ARM profile used by the AP Group that formed the Mesh. Not sure if that had anything to do with it, but Aruba TAC recommended it.


The Mesh now uses 802.11a for the Mesh backhaul and 802.11g for Wireless clients. Seems to be working fine. The distance is very short as its in a lab right now.

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