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Can AP214 be connected using an AP-ANT-93 antenna?

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I have a customer using AP120's and AP-ANT-93 to create a bridge between two buildings.  Looking to upgrade the 120 to an AP214, and would like to reuse the antenna if possible.  Can I reuse the antenna by just purchasing n-type to sma connectors?  The best information I could find regarding the subject was on this post: 




I'm curious if the diplexer is mandatory.  If the antenna does work is it supported by Aruba, or will the customer have issues if calling into TAC regarding a problem.  If so, what is the recommended upgrade? There upgrade to the ANT-93 was the ANT-2x2-5314 which wouldn't work with the AP214 either.  None of the recommended antennas on the AP214 ordering guide offer similar beamwidths.  


Thank you for any information.


Re: Can AP214 be connected using an AP-ANT-93 antenna?

You are already using it on an AP-121/124? If so, you shouldn't need anything, as the AP-121/124 had RP-SMA connectors as well, same as the AP-214. You can use the ANT-93 (as you are now) with the AP-214, but you obviously won't be able to use the AP for any client connectivity. 

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