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Can a Backup Master terminate APs?



Just wondering if it is possible to point APs to a backup master?


I have a Master-Local setup in a data centre with the Local terminating a few APs at different sites, but also for failover of larger sites that have their own Local controller?


My concern is with control plane security and the impact of having to replace the master and recertifying all the APs.  So I thought maybe the Local controller could be made a Master-Backup and still point the APs at it.


Is this possible, and what's the potential impact, if any?





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Re: Can a Backup Master terminate APs?

You cannot terminate APs to a backup master.  If the master is down, the backup master will come up and you can certainly terminate APs on that.  The CPSEC whitelist is also replicated to local controllers, so that APs can terminate to that, even if the master controller is down.


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