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Can't enable PUTN on V2+V3 module 5412



I have a 5412 chassis with V2 AND V3 modules. However I can NOT enable "role-based" mode to enable PUTN.


Updated switch firmware to latest version. 


Here's the error...


Lab-HP-5412(config)# tunneled-node-server
Lab-HP-5412(tunneled-node-server)# mode role-based
Tunneled node server mode 'role_based' can only be configured for V3 blade.



Management Module 1: Active

Image stamp:
Aug 22 2019 16:04:03
Boot Image: Secondary

Boot ROM Version: KB.16.01.0006
Active Boot ROM: Primary



Re: Can't enable PUTN on V2+V3 module 5412

If u got V2 and V3 , and u would like to utilize the V3 for PUTN,i think u should configure the switch to V3 only mode:

By default the switch is in compability mode - in this mode u cant enable any v3 spesefic software featuers.



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Re: Can't enable PUTN on V2+V3 module 5412

Yes, tunneled-node-server seems to require not only the involvement of interfaces belonging to v3 zl2 Modules but also the pure "v3 only" mode of operation for the entire chassis (which will definitely disable any v2 zl Module eventually used).
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Re: Can't enable PUTN on V2+V3 module 5412

Thank you very much for the quick resourced backed reply! If only I had enough V3 ports for V3 only mode. Answered my question.

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