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Can't located un-associated users

My customer is running an Aruba 3600 controller with AOS and Ap-125's as AP's and AM's.  We are also running AirWave 7.x


I need to be able to locate users that have the wireless capability of their devices enabled.  I can locate devices acting as Rouge Ap's and I can track a client once they associate to an SSID.  What I cannot do is locate a client that has a wireless card enabled but is not associated.


I have looked through the documentation for 6.1 as well as AirWave and I cannot find an answer to this.  Is there something I am missing.  Surely the AM can identify and track the beacon frames from an enabled polling wireless radio....


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Re: Can't located un-associated users

I ran into the same issue now what i am trying to do is analyze the packet capture of the AM and see if i can identify users with wifi devices without any associations. What have you tried so far?



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