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Can't upgrade firmware by Local file.


I have a problem with upgade firmware.


I just try firmware upgarde and downgrade on 2 patition using local file.


After click upgrade error show "ERROR IN UPGRADE".


I don't know why.


Need help please.


error in upgrade.png


Thank you.

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Re: Can't upgrade firmware by Local file.

Are you trying to upgrade or downgrade this controller? You just need to upgrade 1 of the 2 partition and reboot the controller. In this case (i'm assuming) you've upgraded partition 1 (and the ** default boot** has now moved to partition 1...) so all you need to do now is reboot the controller into partition 1 and it will boot from



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Re: Can't upgrade firmware by Local file.

I am having the exact same problem trying to upgrade from same version to


Must be some sort of bug I have got this across three different controllers any ideas ?

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Re: Can't upgrade firmware by Local file.

- Make sure you have the proper firmware for your platform

- Download the md5sum txt file and compare the md5sum of the file you downloaded to the md5sum of the text file

- Make sure the filename of your filename has not been changed.

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Re: Can't upgrade firmware by Local file.

Please check the following. 1) Check if the file is right file, and the file is corresponding to the hardware.


2) Check if the memory and storage on the controller is suffiecient enough to move the file to flash of the controller for upgrade. 


3) Check by redownloading the file from the aruba website, meanwhile also compare the fole size of the downloaded file matches exactly the file size on the website. sometimes the download would be incomplete however the file would be present on the computer. in this case a checksum error would stop the upgrade process on the controller. 





Re: Can't upgrade firmware by Local file.

I am having this issue as well even with the latest firmware. 

It has been since the I can't get to or it just states upgrade error - tested on multiple controllers

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Re: Can't upgrade firmware by Local file.

In addition to what everyone has said


You can do a show log to see if the logs show any more information. I would also make sure there is enough storage space (If you have ran a tar command that might be the case, those files can get large)

On a side note, why not upgrade partition 0? Partition 1 is your current version (noted by the **default boot**) if you run into issues you will probably want to go back to the version you are currently on

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