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Can the MSR4000 handshake with IAP175?

In datacenter building we will placed one MSR 4000 with four 30 degree antenna. One antenna will be connected to two IAP 175.Total locations is 8.

From the MSR 4000, the distant locations will be connected to IAP 175. In IAP 175, One antenna will be using for the p2p connectivity and another one will be using for users connectivity.


Please let me know, if the solutions works. If works then guide me to get the solution & config doc.

Re: Can the MSR4000 handshake with IAP175?



MSR and IAP run different operating systems.


You should use MSR2000 instead of IAP175, you can configure on radio for mesh backhaul and one for client access.


Also, you cannot use all four radios on MSR4000 in 5GHz band, because you must have 40MHz separation of center frequencies.  So you can use channels 149, 157 and 165.  The 4th radio usually is in 2.4GHz. 


So you would use two MSR2000 on the head end to achieve your goal.   One AP can use 149 and 157, and the other AP can use 153 and 161.


You want ANT-2x2-5314 for the backhaul antenna and ANT-2x2-2005 for access.


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Re: Can the MSR4000 handshake with IAP175?

If I use 4 IAP 175 in datacenter and antenna will be  ANT-2x2-5314 for both the radio. Remote end IAP use  one radio ANT-2x2-5314 for backhaul another radio will be use ANT-2x2-2005 for  clients acess.


Please let me know if the solutions will work? 

Re: Can the MSR4000 handshake with IAP175?

1 instant VC is currently limited to a maximum of 8 mesh children.


so yes this should work but you could never expand it.


if you want the ArubaOS feature set then you should use a controller plus AP175.


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Re: Can the MSR4000 handshake with IAP175?

Better we use two  MSR 2000 for central locations & one for remote locations. Central location antenna will be ANT-2x2-5314 for both means 4 antenna.

Remote locations antenne will be ANT-2x2-2005 clients acess & ANT-2x2-5314 for backhaulect


Please let me know your comments

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