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Can we join an AP-345 to an AP-Group with different AP models



We have a couple of remote locations where we have 2 local Aruba Controllers at each location.  Our layout is as follows.


- 2 x Mobility Masters located in Location A.

   *  2 x Local Conotrollers at location A

   *  20 x AP-325 at location A in an AP Group.


- 2 x local controllers at Location B.

   *  10 x AP-345 at location B.


1 of the AP-345 at location B went bad and we replaced it with a spare.  We want to send the "Bad" AP-345 to my location so I canb diagnose it.  I am planning to execute a factory re-set on the "Bad" AP-345 and see how it works after the reset.  My questions are:


1.  Can I add the AP-345 to an AP-Grpup that has AP-325s on it?  Or will that not work correctly?


2.  I have a "test" AP-Group setup for Location A, should I use that instead and create separate WLANs for the test group?


I was under the impression that each AP group needed to have the same model of AP.  Or is it that each AP Group should have the same version?

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Re: Can we join an AP-345 to an AP-Group with different AP models

I do not believe there would a problem. I have configured many groups with a variety of APs in them (have not used the AP-345 though). However I would probably suggest creating a new AP group. Easy to do, and this way you can make changes for testing without risking changing any of the settings on the production devices (just don't change any of the default or production profiles while working in the new AP group, as the changes will propogate to everywhere where those profiles are deployed).


I hope this helps,


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Re: Can we join an AP-345 to an AP-Group with different AP models



You can create new group to separate model. Both of AP groups can be configured as the same you want.

I think no issue that different AP model join the system. You can mix AP models.


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