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Captive Portal - LDAP

Hi All,


Im struggling to enable LDAP as part of the authentication process for the captive portal, Im hoping ive missed somthing daft that someone can point out to me :catlol:


  • The LDAP server settings are good, "Authentication Successful" when running the AAA-test
  • The AAA Profile is setup to allow the internal DB and the LDAP server as authenication methods.


When I atempt to login to the capive portal using AD credentials, I get authentication failed, while if I attempt an internal db login it works fine.


Just on the off chance Ive put the ldap server at the top of the list but still, authentication failed @ the portal.


Thanks for your help guys,



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Re: Captive Portal - LDAP

Figured it out - its amasing what reading the manual can do.


 Thanks anyway :)

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Re: Captive Portal - LDAP

feel free to post your solution, someone might run into the same issue and search here.

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Re: Captive Portal - LDAP

Hi, Could you share how you configured or fixed it?

I'll appreciate your help.

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Re: Captive Portal - LDAP

i would in general advise against LDAP, it causes issues, if you can just use RADIUS.

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