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Captive Portal Profile - AUP

I'm trying to force my Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to pop up and be accepted before users get to the login screen.


I've checked the box to "Show the acceptable use policy page" under the captive portal profile on the master controller.


I only have this SSID deployed to my test network, so it is only on one local controller.


That setting change doesn't appear to be making it to the local controller.  I've reprovisioned my local controller to see if that would force it to receive the update, but it doesn't seem to be getting the changes.


Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot why it isn't updating?

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Re: Captive Portal Profile - AUP

I'll chock it up to network congestion.....not sure why after 30+ minutes it was still showing "update required" on the master controller.  This morning it had received the change, and other subsequent changes were pushed out in the usually timely fashion.

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