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Captive Portal cert with Chrome browser



Chrome browswer seems to be having an issue with the captive portal certificate ive loaded on the WLC. I generated a CSR from the WLC and cooked up a cert in GoDaddy for the captive portal. The issue Im having is that Chrome throws the error "Common Name Invalid." I know Chrome doesnt consider HTTPS connection secure if the Subject Alternative Name is empty in the cert. The issue is that when i was generating the CSR on the WLC, there was no option to enter any info for the SAN. Has anyone found a way around this? Edge/IE and FF seem to be ok with it. Thanks. 

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Re: Captive Portal cert with Chrome browser

Public CAs will automatically add the CN as a SAN. Are you using ClearPass or another external portal with the controller?

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
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Re: Captive Portal cert with Chrome browser

I had a similar issue but I don't remember what the exact error message in Chrome was.  I had just migrated from the secure.arubanetworks.com certs to INCommon certs when the issue started.  It turned out to be that I hadn't uploaded the entire cert chain into the controllers.  This may not be the case for you but wanted to mention just in case.

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