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Captive Portal redirection issue (Apple)

Hi guys,


Running into an issue that I'm kind of dumbfounded on. I am working on building a new AOS8 environment. Our RADIUS is CPPM with Guest. I have no CP test environment because of...reasons out of my control. So that means that I am building aruba 8 interfacing with a production CPPM and Guest environment.


Basically what am doing is MAC authentication which returns a role that launches a captive portal. That profile has the following ACLs:


clearpass-guest-allow (my clearpass servers)





The allow-ocsp-acl has netdestinations which allow HTTP and HTTPS to the following access lists:


1 host 32
2 host 32
3 host 32
4 host 32
5 host 32
6 host 32
7 host 32
8 host 32
9 host 32
10 host 32
11 host 32
12 host 32
13 host 32
14 host 32
15 host 32
16 host 32
17 host 32
18 host 32
19 host 32
20 host 32
21 host 32
22 host 32
23 host 32
24 name ocsp.thawte.com
25 name .courier-push-apple.com.akadns.net
26 network




1 name .apple.com


I am not getting the captive portal popup which I think is a Guest module issue. But beyond that, for apple devices (tested with MBP). I ONLY get the redirect to my self registration page if I go to apple.com. Going anywhere else gives me nothing. When I connect on my samsung phone, I get the popup.


Any ideas? Thanks!

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Re: Captive Portal redirection issue (Apple)

Remove the allow-ocsp-acl netdestination/policy.

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Re: Captive Portal redirection issue (Apple)

I should mention, I'm only seeing this with safari, not with chrome. That is whether the OCSP ACL is added or not.


Removing it doesn't change it for safari. I'm going to update and also try another computer. But thank you for the prompt reply. Will check back with results.




After updating and restarting I now get the portal popup. Thank you!

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