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Captive Portal

Hello everyone,


Could someone explain me why this is happening? I setup a test captive portal that when I point the test group to a local controller when you associate automatically the captive portal shows up and then when you accept the policy another message show up "success" then you click done and you obtain the default captive portal role. However, when I point the same test group to another controller, for example, master controller. The users have to manually open the browser for the captive portal to shows up? I mean when you associate you obtain an IP address but the captive portal does not show up automatically You manually need to open the browser and then you get redirected to it. If the local poll the config from the master why would it be different? I must be missing an option :) Any thoughts?


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Re: Captive Portal

The automatic launch of the browser is an Operating System dependent thing.....not something dictated by the Aruba configuration.   Some OS' don't do it at all, while some do.  



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Re: Captive Portal

That make sense.


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