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Captive portal problem

Hello again.


I've a controller Aruba 6000 ver with licence for 256 Access Point, the access points are segment in differents Vlans and i've three differents DNS Servers. The problem is the next: Many times the Captive portal dont show the login and when i try ping the dns server since the controller 6000 dont response, but my DNS Server is up, and is the same with other DNS.




DNS1.                vlan 600

DNS2.                vlan 601

DNS3.         vlan 602


Works fine APs in Vlan 600 with DNS1

Works fine APs in Vlan 601 with DNS2

Don't response the DNS3 for the Vlan 602, and the Access Points don't show the captive portal witch ping and trace.


After that problem i changed the DNS3 for a DNS4 and works again, but after a time occurs the same. With other controllers with the ver. i dont have problems in the same scenario.


When the controller reboot no there are problem but........after a time again, the same problem.


I dont know if this version have some bugs about that.


any suggestion?


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Re: Captive portal problem

Please look at the thread here: http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/ArubaOS-and-Mobility-Controllers/Captive-guest-portal-issues/m-p/22428/highlight/true#M1199 to see if this is what is happening to you.


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