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CatTools Error with Flash Backup

Good day


We use CatTools 3.10 Enterprise to perform weekly config snapshots and flash backups of our 85 controllers in the network, they're all consisting of either SC-3s or 4x04s. Now the issue I run into is with just three that show a command error upon processing

They are a Alcatel Branded 4604 (one of a master/active standby), and two 4704s (Master/Active local) the other 4604 works properly.


When I research the errors, it always errors out on the 1st command. Am I missing something with the controllers?


Here's the command script:


encrypt disable
backup flash
copy flash: flashbackup.tar.gz tftp: (server IP redacted) %DateISO%-%DeviceName%-flashbackup.tar.gz
delete filename flashbackup.tar.gz

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