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Ceiling mount versus wall mount

Does anyone have some good suggestions or recommendations about when to consider wall mount versus ceiling mount of access points? Pros and cons?

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Re: Ceiling mount versus wall mount

Can we expand that question a little please.

How do people feel or have any experience with a wall mount that turns the orientation of the AP so it is basically ceiling mounted?  Using a product like the Oberon Wireless 1029-00 http://oberonwireless.com/hard-lid_wall-mounted-access-point-enclosures.php#model1029


Pros/Cons of such an installation?


Re: Ceiling mount versus wall mount

Some items to cover when considering wall mounting APs:

- Most APs with integrated antennas are optimized for ceiling mount, meaning that RF range will be best when the AP is mounted that way. If range is critical, mounting these APs vertically is not ideal

- If range is a concern and ceiling mount not an option, you can either: (1) use a mount accessory that positions the AP horizontally, (2) use and AP that supports external antennas in combination with simple dipole "stick" antennas, or (3) use an AP that's optimized for wall (vertical) mount, like the AP-93H

- Cabling (network and power). When wall mounting an AP, it may be possible to take advantage of existing cabling by attaching the AP to an electrical/data wall box. The AP-93H is specifically designed to support this, but mount kits for several other AP models can be used for this as well. 

- Security (anti-theft). The requirements and options to mount an AP securely may be affected by the choice of mount location. Many mount kits have some form of basic built-in security. In the cae of the AP-93H this is integrated: the AP uses a secure screw to permanently attach to the mount plate

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Re: Ceiling mount versus wall mount

Being able to mount an AP in either ceiling or wall orientation would be very advantageous.  However, one must be mindful of the AP's integral antenna.  Many AP's made for ceiling mount sport an antenna pattern that's down-tilted or conical to make it more directional.  That directivity may also encorporate a front to back ration that makes the antenna have most of its gain in the downward direction.  This creates a radius of coverage that can be helpful when you're trying to cover a single room or an area within a large space while trying to minimize interference outside that radius.  However, mounting that AP on a wall where you're depending on an omni directional antenna pattern to cover the deployed room and the two adjacent rooms may end up less successful due to the antennas direction characteristics.  

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Re: Ceiling mount versus wall mount

Hi, i have a LGPA77U Led projector which i placed in the ceiling about 8' 11'' h  and 9' 9'' away from the screen (100'' diag), i noticed that when I’m trying to adjust the focus to stabilize the image, half of the screen down or up looks blurring, and i just remember that when i placed it before on top of a shelf in the back wall (projecting directly to the center of the screen) (10' 6'' away from the screen) i didn’t had that problem, the image quality was great! My question is: is this can be true? I will always have better image quality projecting from the wall directly to the screen?


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Re: Ceiling mount versus wall mount

You should post this on a forum relating to your question....

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