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Centralised Licensing - All Mater / Standby Master

Hello Airheads,


I have a requirement to implement centralised licensing but I'm not sue if my topology would be supported (offically or otherwise).


Data center has a master/standby master that will act as centralised license servers, no APs trafic will actually be terminated here, their sole purpose is to dish out licences to remote sites and possibly serve up configurations to a few RAPs.  Controllers are likely going to be 7010.


Remote sites are all linked back to the DC via IPSec VPNs, all controllers will be able to talk to all other controllers.


Remote sites will all have pairs of controllers (7005, 7010, 7210) in a master / standby master setup for redundancy that will be terminating AP traffic and everything local to that site, these controllers ideally would have no licences installed on them and only pull all their licences from the central pair of controllers in the DC.


We do not want / can not go down the route of central matsers and remote local controllers as the quality and latency of the site to site links will be quite variable and my understanding is that in this setup the central masters are doing a lot of arm processing, rapids and so on (the idea here is to use a small pair of 7000 series controllers in the DC to keep costs as low as possible, aftter all they should only be processing licencing heartbeats!).


The reason we are looking into this is to give us flexibility in how we use our AP licences, the remote sites outlined above are not permenant, they will get built up and torn down on a regular basis, equipment moved around and so on.   A site one week that has a pair of 7010 and 10 AP may have 30 AP the next week.   We buy a full set of licences for all our APs but obviously would like to try and avoid tieing them to a single controller pair.

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Re: Centralised Licensing - All Mater / Standby Master

Unfortunately, Centralized licensing only works in a single master/backup master/locals cluster or a single master/backup master/local cluster with masters pointed at it.  You cannot attach a master/local cluster to another master/local cluster for centralized licensing.  Please see supported and unsupported toplogies here;  http://www.arubanetworks.com/techdocs/ArubaOS_6.4.4.x_WebHelp/Web_Help_Index.htm#ArubaFrameStyles/New_Licenses/Multi__Network.htm?Highlight=centralized licensing


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Re: Centralised Licensing - All Mater / Standby Master


"We only support master-local or multi-master (standalone) configuration"
Thank you

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