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Centralized Licenses - RFProtect Bug or Restricting Access

Running with redunant M3 Masters and a mix of 10 M3/7240 locals.


Not sure this is a feature, or a bug I should put a case in about.


We have a Centralized license server setup for the past month and it's been

working fine and we recently moved more (750) WAPs to a controller then it had

local licenses (512) and the centralized pool provided the extra number and everything

was fine.


I recently activated a handful (16) RF Protect licenses to the Master for our

occasional need of the Spectrum Analyizer feature.  The Master added them

all to the central pool, then oddly each local controller took 16 RF licenses and

our total usage went to 160, even though we only have 16 ?? (We're not running

any configuration that would require RF licenses to my knowlege)


The counting of RF licenses was strange, but today we re-provisioned all of

the WAPs on a controller, but only 528 WAPs (upto it's local license count

+16) got licensed, the other WAPs refused to activate their radios.  Only

after I removed the 16 RF licenses on the Master, was the local controller able

to license all the remaining WAPs.  (remember they were all working prior to being



So if this is a feature, is there a way I can keep the RF licenses on the Master

BUT NOT become part of the centralized license system?




Mike Davis
Network Engineer
University of Delaware
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Re: Centralized Licenses - RFProtect Bug or Restricting Access

To close this loop for anyone considering Centralized Licensing.  Since AP/PEF/RF licenses all

have to maintain the same count, this limitation now has to be extended to the entire license pool

if running centralized licensing.


If you have 1000/1000/0  AP/PEF/RF licenses in your pool and join a controller with 8/8/8, your pool

will be restricted to only 8 AP/PEF licenses.  Your local controllers can still serve out whatever number

of local licenses they have, but if they need more from the central pool, the limits above will be enforced.



Mike Davis
Network Engineer
University of Delaware
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