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Centralized Licensing 6.3

Hello, a new Feature in Release 6.3 is Centralized Licensing. Does that mean, that only on the License Server have to be enabled  the Features by a License, for example PEF License? So on all other Controller it is not necessary to install some License, also not on the Backup License Server?


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Re: Centralized Licensing 6.3

You will NOT be able to add or merge any controller built-in license or controller box specific license like PEF-V to the licensing server. Licensing server takes care and fetches the licenses to the controllers to manage effectively however they wont look or take care of controller built-in licenses.

In case if controller has built in licenses and is part of a centralized licensing deployment, the APs terminating on that controller will consume the BUILT-IN licenses FIRST vs. the pooled licenses.


Note:- Box licenses will not be a part of centralized licensing. They will have to be installed individually on each controller. For example, PEF-V licenses will not be centralized.


Please refer to below link.





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Re: Centralized Licensing 6.3

Thanks. So i have to enable the Feature like PEF on every Controller like in Past, by adding minimum one AP PEF license in this example? Only the AP Count for the Features are shared from Server if the license Client has no free AP License?

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Re: Centralized Licensing 6.3

We are using the central license management for AP licenses, PEF, and RF Protect.  We are simply adding all new licenses to our master controller, new controllers do not need to have licenses installed directly on them


PEF-V is a different license than PEF, PEF-V is for traffic entering the controller through vpn, not for ap licenses for PEF.

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Re: Centralized Licensing 6.3

Okay i want to understand what eickst has said.


Say, we have two controllers in a campus network and 200 APs. I want to use these 3 licenses types;



 My question is that with AOS 6.3 installed, do we only have to get 1 set of above mentioned license types for 2 controllers if we want to achive redundancy OR will need 2 sets of licenes for each controller?


And what is the "Licensing server"? Is it some kind of separate machine just to provide centralized licensing capability OR is it only a feature in the controller?




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Re: Centralized Licensing 6.3



I have a related question...


Can I use the functionality "Centralized Licensing" also if I have only one master controller and other local controllers (That is, if I don't have the Backup Licensing Server (Master Stand-By))?



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Re: Centralized Licensing 6.3

No need for extra hardware.. the license server is a controller feature/concept.

Only AP, PEFNG, RF Protect, xSec, or ACR can be used in centralized licensing.


If your 2nd controller is ment for redundancy you only need to apply the required licenses to your master controller/license server.


Say you buy 2x Aruba3200 (each max 32 AP's)

If you buy 32 AP, 32 PEFNG and 32 RFP licenses you can apply all of them to the master controller. and then use 16 AP's on your master controller and 16 AP's on your local controller. Or none on your master but 32 on your local. Or any combination for which the sum = 32.




yes, with only 1 license server all the licenses sould recide on this controller.

If you had a backup you would split the licenses over the primary and backup license server.


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Re: Centralized Licensing 6.3

What is the process for a failover event of the local 3200 controller which had all 32 APs terminating to it?


If the master is set as the backup LMS for the 32 APs and they failover from the local and terminate on the master will the master pull back the licenses since the local is down?


Also. what if the APs were split between the master and the local, 16 on each, and the master went down. Would the 16 APs that fail over from the master to the local be functional? Would the local have a way to accomodate these additional 16 APs to the current 16 that are already terminating to it?

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Re: Centralized Licensing 6.3

From Manual:


"Server is Unreachable:


If a licensing client does not receive 3 consecutive heartbeats from the server, it assumes that the server is down,

and that any APs directly associated to the server are also down or have failed over to another controller. The client

then adds any licenses used by the licensing server into to the pool of available licenses on that client. When a

license client is unable to reach a license server for 30 consecutive days, it removes any shared licenses pushed to

it from the licensing server, and reverts to its installed licenses. If the 30-day window has passed and yet controller

does not have enough installed licenses for all its associated APs, the controller will nonetheless continue to support

each AP. However, when an AP reboots and its controller does not have enough licenses, that AP will not come up."


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