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Centralized Licensing Question

Does anyone happen to know if when using the centralized licensing feature if we can add more licenses to the license server than what the platform can support. We only wish to use the license server as just that. No APs will be joining it and will connect to the site master or local controllers. So could we take a controller that would typically limit to 128 campus APs and add say 512 AP licenses to it to disperse to the other larger controllers?





Re: Centralized Licensing Question


You can only add the max amount of licenses supported on that controller.


For example if you have an M3 controller and it only allows 512 that's the maximum but if you want to increase the capacity you will have to add it to the client controller so it can be added to the pool

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Re: Centralized Licensing Question

if we have a master SC3 controller(with 512 LAP, PEFNG, RFP). and SC3  local controller(with 512 LAP PEFNG, and RFP). 


There are about 560 APs, split between these master and local controller. A new local controller to be introduced in the topology. 


With centralized licensing enabled. The master SC3 fails, the APs on the master, can they split and failed-over to the local1 and local2(new) controller. That is the licenses used by the APs in the master SC3 controller, will be released and available in the license pool, for the APs to come up on the local2 controller(during the failover event)? 

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