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Centralized Licensing - VIA

I have 2 x 7210's configured as master and standby-master by way of VRRP.  Failover is working perfectly fine on the campus AP's, however the master also serves VIA users.  Because they share licensing, the standby-master has the "Policy Enforcement Firewall for VPN users" license as disabled.  And because that is disabled I cannot configure VIA on it.  

Question...in the event of a failover, does the standby-master adopt the VPN users license, as well as all of the VIA connection settings?  



Re: Centralized Licensing - VIA

The PEF-V license is per controller; and is not consumed or used in a centralized licensing model.  In your specific scenario, the standby-master will not assume the PEF-V license on failover.   I would reach out to your local Aruba team and explain your scenario (standby-master with PEF-V) and see if they can help you out.

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Re: Centralized Licensing - VIA

Hi Friend,


I just replicated your setup. I don't see any issues . still PEF-VPN license is enabled in both the controllers.


here PEF-VPN is controller specific therefore the redundancy or centralised license should not effect the PEF-VPN and VIA failover too.


May i know what AOS you are using ?


For your ref :



License status in Master :





License status in Standby :




Hope you got some more clarity on this :)


Please feel free to come back for any further help on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: Centralized Licensing - VIA

Greatly appreciate the feedback.  Per TAC (and this thread) only AP/PEF/RFP licenses are shared via the centralized license feature when using VRRP.  However, the license for VPN Users is not.  You would have to buy a license for each controller.  


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