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Centralized Licensing

Hello guys,


I looked at the user guide. From the configuration that is instructed, it seems there is no difference but want to ask to be sure. 


Do I need to buy new licenses or convert the already present ones by the help of TAC, to provide centralized licenses when I get the redundant controller for my already active controller?


From the configuration it seems that when I entered the licenses and enabling it from the related tab, it automatically finds the redundant controller(if it is up) and turns it into a back up server for licenses and same applies if I want to use a back up server for licenses only.



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Re: Centralized Licensing

You don't need to do any conversions. Simply enable centralized licensing.

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Re: Centralized Licensing

the centralised licence was introced in the ArubaOS version 6.3 so you have to upgrade to this version or a newest.

for the server you have to only enable the centralised licence feature, for the client you have to enable and specify the IP address of the the server.

when a server is configured as a master (vrrp) , licence server is automaticly redundante.

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