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Centralized licence with different version



I have 2 7220 contollers in Master/Local mode with VRRP and Centralized licence enable on my main site running AOS version

I have to deploy 2 more controllers 7030 on the different sites witch are connected by VPLS (Layer2) links (great !). Each new site will have a maximum of 64 AP103.


My question is : 

The new controllers must run AOS 6.4.x.x or greather, so can I use my main site Centralized licence pool without upgrade to 6.4.x.x ? (I still have AP65 that I can't replace for now).


Thank you in advance.

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Re: Centralized licence with different version

Yes, centralized licensing can co-exist between 6.3 and 6.4


<add>(in an all master environment)<add>

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Re: Centralized licence with different version

No, centralized licensing will not work in that environment. Centralized licensing works within a master/local cluster where all the SW versions have to be the same OR in an all masters configuration (which you don?t have since you have a master/local setup already). You will have to run the same version across all your controllers. Even if you did have an all masters setup, you would still want to run the same AOS version so you don?t get an AP caught in a loop (go to master 1 to get config and sw upgrade, then go to master 2 for tunnel termination and have to change sw, reboot, go to master 1, etc?).
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