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Centralized or distributed deployment?

Hi Aruba Gurus!


Which deployment model best fit for these criterias:


1-1 APs will be on the sites (hotspot functionality on many-many sites), uplink to the router, which connected to the internet. Centralized management and firewall rules must be implemented, but the data plane traffic not needs to be go through the central device, can be go directly to the internet on the sites. Can I filter traffic in this case appropriately?

However, a guest self-registration portal is needed, it will be hosted in the datacenter, where another central devices can be placed (Controller, ClearPass, AirWave etc.)

Some traffic log functions would be useful, so the cloud-based solution is not the best.


Ideal solution: control traffic tunneled, data traffic bridged locally and filtered by fw, and some traffic log functions.


Which architectures/designs best fits for this project?

Eg: Central controller + ClearPass - CAPs on the sites?

Central Airwave + Clearpass - IAP clusters on the sites?

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