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Certificate Installation Weirdness

Hardware Platform - 3600 Controllers - 1 Master with no APs and 4 locals with at least 100 APs each

Aruba OS -


So in an effort to get our DNS and certificates up to date, we have applied good names to each of our controllers, and bought certificates for the same.  However, I've had some absolute weirdness (the best I can describe it) that's occurred since installing the trusted CA, intermediate CA, and server certificates to do this.  This has happened on the Master and the first Local, and I've stopped trying to do this until I can figure out what's happening.  Firstly, under the certificates section, none of them are listed, despite having been accepted by the uploader.  The second thing that is really strange is that when clicking the "General" selection under the "Management" heading in the Configuration tab no longer produces a page.  The remaining three Local controllers still show a proper page.


So, is this a bug report, or is this something I've done wrong in uploading the certificates?

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Re: Certificate Installation Weirdness

Set Internet Explorer (version 11.0.9600.16521) to compatibility mode, all is well.  Dev team, please be aware of this :-)

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Re: Certificate Installation Weirdness

thanks for posting this answer.


all this browser weird is so annoying when working in IT, you are pretty much forced to have several around as every product needs a different one.

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