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Certificates - Aruba Controller

Aruba OS.

Hello - Ive generated a certificate from godaddy.com. Im new to the certificate world. When trying to import them into my controller, the file type options are DER,PERM,PFX, PKCS12 and PKCS7. Ive downloaded  a .pem certificate (plus ctr certs), and uploaded to my controller, but there is no option for this cert under management>general (as per this). 


Im a touch lost. Do i need a differant cert file type ?

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Re: Certificates - Aruba Controller



You can easily convert your .pem cert to another type of cert using openssl (you may need to add intermediate certificates and the private key to generate the other certificate types). You can have a look at this webpage (there are some openssl commands to perform the convrersion): https://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-converter.html



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