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Re: Change AP power

i a not running OS6. i am running:

ArubaOS (MODEL: Aruba7210-IL), Version


yes, i've been reading up a bit on rf matters.

btw, a few years ago we switched from cisco to aruba lock, stock and barrel. although the mobility master is much more intuitive that the cisco prime for managing the wifi network, i never had to manually adjust rf param on the cisco wifi network.

tnx 4 the advice,



Re: Change AP power

For some reason I thought you were on version 6.x


To manually configure AP radio setting on ArubaOS 8 you can use the "airmatch ap freeze" command. This allows you to statically configure channel, bandwidth, or power for one or more APs. For example


#airmatch ap freeze ap-name AP2 band 5GHz channel 36 EIRP 10


This will set AP2 5 GHz radio to channel 36 with an EIRP value of 10 dBm.


#show airmatch debug static-radios


This will show radios that have been statically set, along with their settings. You can undo the settings by using "airmatch ap unfreeze"


Airmatch will continue to function, but will not change any frozen settings.


Make sure to carefully document what settings you make. It is easier to  track and modify if you have a documented list.


I hope this helps,

Sr. Trainer and Author of "Understanding ArubaOS: Version 8.x" book

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Re: Change AP power

please excuse the delay in my reply.
i have reduced the tx power of abt a dozen ap's (dual radio) in hope of
reducing cci in 1 particular room. according to my measurements, there is
reduced cci, but...
we're in exam period until today, so i will be able to get user feedback
during the next few days. i have reduced the tx power across the board on
those ap's which i have modified, to 6. in this case, there is an ap in
each lecture room.
the next case will be more tricky. in the dorms, we have ap's in the
hallways, 2/floor, abt a dozen rooms/floor.

avraham shir-el (arthur m. sherman)
computing center (tikshuv)
jerusalem college of technology - machon lev, naveh, tal, lustig
p. 972-2-675-1163
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