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Change DHCP Pool Name

I have an Aruba 3400 Controller. OS 6.0  Does anyone know how to change the name of the DHCP Pool without having to recreate it.  I'm got everything working like it should and I don't want to take the chance of messing it up by recreating the DHCP pool.  Thanks for the help.

Re: Change DHCP Pool Name

not that I know of unfortunately. create the adjusted dhcp pool in a text file and add the relevant commands one after another to delete and re-add the pool with new name then copy paste...it will be real quick and no one will notice
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Re: Change DHCP Pool Name


Nope, the name is the "binding" of the dhcp pool and not a property you can change.


That said - I wouldn't worry about messing things up - thats how we learn right? DHCP scope is a trivial thing that isn't bound to profiles like other parts of the config.


Note down all pool information. Delete the scope, click apply. Create Scope - click apply.


Edited - didn't notice this was Instant at first ;)

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Re: Change DHCP Pool Name

Thank you for your help.  I went back and recreated the DHCP pool.  I made screen captures to take make sure everything stayed the same.

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