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Change default VLAN?

Building wired network is VLAN2. 3200 install defaults to VLAN1 and will not let me delete it or add VLAN2 with an IP in the same range.

Am I just missing a step or can this not be done?


Re: Change default VLAN?


under VLAN 1 do a no ip address and then add VLAN 2 with the ip segment you want to use


(controller) (config) # interface vlan 1

(controller) (config) # no ip address


(controller) (config) #interface vlan 2

(controller) (config) # ip address (you want to use)


Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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Re: Change default VLAN?

You will need to do what vfabian suggested but make sure that first you create a VLAN with a different IP address and set it as controller-ip (conf t , controller-ip cmd in the cli) since you will not be able to delete the IP of VLAN 1 because it is used as the controller IP by default.

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Re: Change default VLAN?

Thank you both! Exactly what I needed. The steps I was missing:

different IP since you can't delete vlan1

controller-ip - totally missed it.


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