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Changing IP address schema on a Aruba network with meshed segments

Hello everyone,


I recently inherited a Aruba network with a 7210 controller and Model 105 Access Points and a few Model 104 Access Points. A good portion of the switches on the network are connected by fiber but there are a few segments of the network that have pairs of Model 104 APs meshing where the remote 104 model AP is providing the network link to an 8 port switch, each of those switches have 7x105 model APs on them.


I want to change the IP schema of the APs and controller. It's currently a 10.0.x.x and I want to give it a unique schema for our VPN. I am planning to use the Aruba AP configuration wizard to change them all at once. but I wanted to ask for some input on if the wizard/controller is smart enough to change the IPs of the remote APs before changing the IPs of the Model 104 APs.


I have changed the schema of 2 other Aruba networks using the Aruba AP configuration wizard and had no major issues, but none of the APs were meshing at those sites.


The APs are in an attic space and are not easily accessible so I'm worried about isolating those sections of the network that are past the meshed APs as I will not be able to console into them.


I appreciate any advice or input you guys may have.






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