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Channel Bonding on MSR2000 for 802.11n network

Hi all,


Does anyone know how to configure MSR2000 outdoor AP point to point mode for channel bonding? I went through the guide but unable to get it working, im still getting only 1 radio channel up and is connecting at a rate of 162M wonder is this normal?


Network setup

4 units of MSR2000, 1 pair running active the other one is runinng as backup, when i tried to running peer status on one of the active AP im getting the following:


Radio 1 Wireless mode:na-ht40plus, Wireless channel:149

Link 0: Peer hostname: Brando_AP#1, Peer router ID:,

                Peer radio index: 1, Peer MAC: 06:17:7b:2e:b7:5e,

                Local role: sta, Local interface name: ath33,

                Local IP:, Peer IP:,

                Link state: physical up, Physical up time: 18d21h,

                Link quality: 100%, Data rate: 162M, RSSI: 34, SNR: 34.


hopping to hear from you guys soon, thanks in advance




Re: Channel Bonding on MSR2000 for 802.11n network



You do have channel bonding running.


The two clues are:


Radio 1 Wireless mode:na-ht40plus, Wireless channel:149


and the 162Mbps PHY data rate which is a bonded rate of MCS12  (no short guard interval).


You can increase the rate to 180Mbps by enabling "short-gi" in the config for that radio.


Normally an SNR of 34 is adequate to achieve 300Mbps rate.   If you cannot achieve MCS higher than 12 then you may be experiencing local interference.   I suggest trying channel 157+ to see if you still have the same experience.





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