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Channel Changes and Channel utilization

In my case, I discover that most of the AP managed have high utilization, more on 2.4GHz (>70%) radio ofcourse..while investigating, I found that there are groups of AP which use same channel and located really close to each other..

Based on the wireless nature, I assume it will cause a broadcast storming and utilize the channel later on..but my concern is, why does not ARM change the channel..? 

If it is because of configuration, where can I configure the ARM..? or what is actually the criteria for channel change to occur..

When same channel is used, there should be a drawback rigth..?

When utilization is high, will it effect the user experience..?

Mohamad Syafiqul Haziq,
System Engineer, Mesiniaga Berhad.

Re: Channel Changes and Channel utilization

What type of APs do you have ?

The end result depends on a lot of things :
- How much the APs can hear each other based on proximity and power levels
- How's ARM configured ?

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Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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