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Check My Procedure

Could you please check my procedure to change a profile for authentication on an SSID:

Procedure to change Aruba Wireless from one Radius profile to another radius profile

  1. Login 
  2. Click on “configuration” tab
  3. AP Configuration
  4. AP Group
  5. Wireless LAN
  6. Virtual AP
  7. vap_prof
  8. AAA
  9. AAA Profile
  10. Change to new-aaa_prof
  11. Repeat for every AP Group.

Does this look correct? I have a short change window and want to run this by you guys to make sure it will go smoothly. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Check My Procedure


I can’t test it at the moment. This is one way to do it.

You could also find the correct aaa profile under the Configuration -> Authentication-> aaa profiles and change it there.

Cheers, Frank
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Re: Check My Procedure

Thanks.  Your way is a lot easier.  Will let you know.  Doing it tomorrow.  

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Re: Check My Procedure

your procedure worked perfectly.  thank you very much.

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