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Check the Last Time a Client Connected



Is there a way to find what was the last time a wireless client connected to the controller? We are doing a purge for all registered MACs in our controller that are not being used for about two weeks but seem unable to find the time of last connection.

We also have an AirWave server working with the controller, if that's of any help.


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Check the Last Time a Client Connected

If you do a search of the mac address in Airwave, it will tell you the last time the client was seen..

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Re: Check the Last Time a Client Connected



Thanks for the reply, Colin. We were wondering, also, if is there a way to show a list of devices that haven't associated to the controller since a specific date (say, since 03/20) as a report or as a list in the AirWave server.




Re: Check the Last Time a Client Connected

There's not many features that do 'absence of', most of the triggers and alerts are when conditions are currently present.  It would be a great feature request to make.

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Re: Check the Last Time a Client Connected

Not as a report, but you can do that, as long as you do not need to look farther back than you data retention interval.


Go to Clients/all, select the default view, click on the "Association Time" column to sort by association time.


If you might have clients that stay associated for days, hit the + on near the views dropdown menu to generate a custom view, include the "Association time" field and the "Duration" field and other fields you want, and export as csv if you like, then remove the longstanding clients with a script.


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