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Checking logs of an AP that is in a down state

Hi folks,

Just looking some advice on our logging on the OAW 4030 controlller.


So basically an example, I came in this morning and an AP had went down overnight in a remote site.  I wanted to check the logs on the controller for the AP but getting "No AP found with ap_name " as the AP is down.

Is there a way that the controller keeps historial logs or what is the best command to troubleshoot the logs in the CLI so i can go back and see what time the AP failed and if there was any reason (i.e. in this instance the AP could not get an IP as the DHCP went down)



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Re: Checking logs of an AP that is in a down state

You can type "show log system all".  That would depend on an access point having enough connectivity to send syslog to the controller, though.


The best way is to look at the console.

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Re: Checking logs of an AP that is in a down state

Are there any historic logs after an AP goes down that you can look back over and go to the last time stamp that the AP was up and then check to see for any error messages?

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