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Chromecast 2 can't connect to WiFi

Hi there, since our customer has trouble connecting Chromecasts to their WiFi netwerk (using IAP215 on firmware we are testing at our own office.


We used as well an IAP103 on same firmware, as well on latest


Unfortunately we can't manage to make the Chromecast 2 work on Aruba Instant network. We have tried a OPEN and secured WPA2 WiFi network - with Services as DNLA enabled and disabled.


Does anyone understand and or can help with a solution? I have attached screenshot (they are in dutch but I put most importatn translation on it).


edit: ps I can ee in Instant the Chromecast has an IP, but on screen it stil shows 'trying to connect to network'.

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Re: Chromecast 2 can't connect to WiFi

If you have broadcast filtering disabled on your SSIDs, it should work without Airgroup.  Please try that.


 The only two reasons why you would need to use Airgroup Are:


- You have broadcast filtering set to "all" or "arp" on your SSIDS

- Your clients are not on the same subnet as your DLNA devices.



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Re: Chromecast 2 can't connect to WiFi

I am also having the same problem with a Chromecast 2 and multiple versions of Aruba IAP-205 firmware including the latest early release. Does anyone at the Aruba Lab have a chromecast to try? I am on a typical WPA2 network, multicast filtering disabled... 



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Re: Chromecast 2 can't connect to WiFi

Disabling broadcast filtering allowed my Chromecast 2 to operate normally when connected to IAP 205.  I can now successfully cast from devices connected to the same SSID.

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Re: Chromecast 2 can't connect to WiFi

For me having any of the roaming features  (802.11r,k,v) enabled caused the Chromecast to not associate. I had to created a separate SSID profile without those enabled in order to get the Chromecast to connect. 



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