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Re: Chromecast AirGrouping not working

It took a while to figure out as everything was configured correctly. However, due to a misunderstanding on my part I had to change things around a little bit.


The controller will happily pass along the 'discovery' traffic so that the devices can find each other...but the actual communication is unicast which the controller does not redirect (I was under the impression that it did). In this case the two VLANs were completely separate and not routable at all.


I ended up making a new CPPM role that finds these devices (IF GuestUser role = X AND is connecting from Guest) and puts them on a routable VLAN.


Annoyingly it took several hours on the phone with TAC to get to this point of understanding.

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Re: Chromecast AirGrouping not working

I'm also having some Airgroups issue.

Android to chromecast ( same ssid same vlan) works just fine, can stream audio o.k.

ios apps can;t even see the chromecast device ... can see apple TV on same network though

With Chromecast Ultra same thing.. anroid streams o.k. ios can;t even see it. 

User policy set to allow all 

all airgroups services set to all apart from the default "any"


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