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Cisco .11ac AP3700

I was asked How Come that Cisco released AP3700 ( .11ac  capable  &  4*4 MIMO ) While Aruba AP225 is .11ac capable but  3*3 MIMO ?

Aruba is Expected to be the faster ???

Re: Cisco .11ac AP3700

Actually  if someone asked me that i would ask him back, how many clients 4x4 ac capable do you see around?

The 4x4 ac is useless if you dont have any client that is 4x4ac capable.


Aruba i bealive will get in there soon but for now i bealive its not worth it maybe?


Just my 2 cents




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Re: Cisco .11ac AP3700

Cisco claims that with 4x4:3 they get better coverage with higher speed.  They said to achieve max speed (450 mbps per antenna) you need to be closer to the AP then approx. 4-5 meters (1 m = 3,3 feet) given that the AP is mounted in the ceiling at normal height.  With their 3700 and 4x4:3 the distance increase to 8-10 meters before connection speed drops.  It uses "the extra" antenna to increase the received signal at the client (with beam forming) and the client does not need to be a 4x4:3 client.  It only uses 3 spatial streams, so the client would not know.


Would be nice to have some more input on this from Aruba.



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