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Cisco 4410

Cisco 4410 Ap is a small businees AP , sop it has very Cheap price compared to Aruba & even compared to Cisco normal series ( Aironet )

how can i show customer that small businees models are less in features / capabilities then normal models ?




Re: Cisco 4410

Well i get a lot of this custumers

Thats more like a Home Office wireless AP.  is not a Bussiness Wireless... thats actually look like a Lynksys.. and its funny because sometimes i ask custumers what type of AP you got? they go like we got ciscio!! and i ask them back Cisco Cisco or Cisco Linksys?

And they reply to me back Cisco Lynksys...

If they say Cisco Cisco i ask them again oh do you have aironets then? and they say no! then you dont have cisco, you got cisco linksys :(

You can start asking how many devices will be connecting to that wireless AP?

Would they like to roam between the building? becaeuse that wont happen with this home office AP...

Ask them if they want to centrally manage all the APS or they want their Tech support department have to troubleshoot and waste time one by one AP?

How many users are on that small office? after this questions is asnwered maybe we can get forward on how you can sell them aruba...



At least the smaller deployment we have sell is one company which is using 4 IAP 93s




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Re: Cisco 4410

The other important thing that i forgot to mention is that you cannot compare mmm

Ferrari = Aruba

Hyundai = Cisco-Lynsys AP


What you can do is focus on what your product can do which will be more likely that the cisco lynsys cannot do...


Most of people can afford it you just need to convince them that they want the ferrari and they do not want the hyundai!.


If they pick the Cisco lynksys and let say  it is a 50 users office and most of them use wireless go and visit them and ask them how is the wireless network doing? if they say fine well they are happy with their cisco lynksys but most of them will tell you that it does not work.

For example there is a client that bough ubiquiti instead aruba, and yeah few months after he realized that, it just doesnt work... now he is buying aruba.


Anyways im not a salesman so im not the best one to hear! but i can tell you that if you are speaking with a techy guy then you can talk with him about all the wonderful things that aruba can do i mean technically, but if you are talking with a Manager that does not know anything of that, and he will try to spend the less money he can in that, and to convince them you need to tell him in a way he can understand why buying aruba is a better option... things he can undrerstand... for example if its an aruba switch i tell them about how they can safe energy with them with their poe feature which can turn off at night the APS  and stuff like it.  Or if its an Aruba AP you can tell them how reliable they are and they got lifetime warranty, stuff they can undrstand


Once again im not a salesman so i hope a salesman here can help you better than i can do it...





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Re: Cisco 4410

I must admit that I hit these types of questions often and I normally answer them by asking why does Cisco manufacture a WAP4410N when it already has an extensive enterprise range of access points (1600s, 2600s, 3600s, etc)?   The answer is that to make a more cost effective access point than the previously mentioned access points Cisco use a lower powered CPU, less memory, more cost effective radios and amplifiers and reduce the supported feature set.  For example, you will notice that the WAP4410N datasheet does not mention the Cisco CleanAir spectrum analysis system anywhere.  For good performance spectrum analysis is compulsary.


So the question for your customer is do they want a SOHO wireless solution or an enterprise wireless solution?

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