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Cisco 7925g Handset - Intermittent Audio Issues

I have recently deployed some Cisco 7925g handsets and some of the users are complaining about intermittent audio issues.  I read the post by gstefanick "Know Your Supplicant" regarding this, but it didn't apply since these phones are in France and there is no channel 165 in that regulatory profile.


So my question is: 


Are there any other settings that I need to be aware of that could help fix this?  This is my first time deploying voice and only created a new virtual AP with a new SSID and VLAN that pretty much copied the settings from my data VAP.


Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.

Re: Cisco 7925g Handset - Intermittent Audio Issues

Please make sure we have the best practices been configured applied on VAP SSID and RF profile.


  1. Disable secondary profile.
  2. Make sure power-save mode config matches with ssid-profile.
  3. Increase and set the transmit power to max on the phone itself.
  4. Enable 802.11d & 802.11h on the rf profile if the phone supports it.
  5. Set the DTIM interval to 2 msec, configure the max-tx-fail to 25, enable mcast-opt, optimize the data rates on ssid-profole if required.


Also kindly refer to below practice guide which talks about Voice Support for Fixed Telecommuter Deployments







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Re: Cisco 7925g Handset - Intermittent Audio Issues

Thanks Sriram, I'll try this and see if there is any improvement.

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