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Clarity Synthetic tests fail



I am trying to run some tests with Clarity Synthetic but so far they fail. I either get 'Failed: Failed to establish websocket connection with syntheticAP' or 'Failed: Failed to establish gre & websocket connection with syntheticAP'

In any case, I can see in the audit trail of the local controller that the required configuration is being set correctly:

May 11 14:54:43  fpcli: USER:airwaves@ COMMAND:<ap clarity-synthetic ap-name "AP00624" amsip-addr forward-mode gre test-id "97b42d57-bad1-f7c1-6fe0-ce8c5578044d" mixed-mode band a > -- command executed successfully


AOS Version


Airwave 8.2.4


From the logs, GRE seems to be ok but Websocket fails: "Failed: Failed to establish websocket connection with syntheticAP","startTime":"2018-05-10 14:36:00.203014 UTC","greStatus":"SUCCESS"}


Any help much appreciated


Re: Clarity Synthetic tests fail

On the synthetic result, there's a collect logs function, if you can collect those, and then share in a support case -> support should be able to parse through the logs to see what happened.

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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Re: Clarity Synthetic tests fail

Update on this: It appears that our firewall is blocking SSL traffic from the Clarity Engine to the AP which is where the 'websocket failed' message comes from. We will update the firewall to allow the traffic and I will update this post with the results  

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