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Clarity Synthetic

I installed the engine on a new VM yesterday and connectivity to Airwave is working fine but I'm unable to get any new synthetic transactions to work the main error message I get is below, I've gone through the doc a number of times to make sure I'm creating the transactions correctly and I am.


Failed: Failed to establish gre & websocket connection with syntheticAP


The other issue is that when I go to a transaction to find out why its failed and download the logs the logs file is empty.



I know this is a beta of the whole Clarity technology but it would be good to be able to at least see a synthetic transaction complete without an error.


If anyone can help with this it would be much appreciated?





Re: Clarity Synthetic

Your best bet would be to open a TAC case, but what AP model, what controller model, what AOS version, and I'm assuming AMP 8.2.3? Does your AMP have admin rights to the controller that it's monitoring/managing?

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Re: Clarity Synthetic

We're running AOS 6.4, Airwave 8.2.3 and the AP model is 205.

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Re: Clarity Synthetic

AirWave supports synthetic testing for the following Aruba access points running ArubaOS or later: l AP-220 Series l AP-210 Series l AP-200 Series

Re: Clarity Synthetic

You would likely need to upgrade to 6.5. 

Jerrod Howard
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Re: Clarity Synthetic

Thanks, when I looked through the doc I picked up the AP's that were supported but totally missed the AOS that needed to be in use for it to work.

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Re: Clarity Synthetic

Questions regarding this topic:

  • where can I download the Clarity Engine OVA file?
  • must the Clarity Engine ruinning in same network, or can it run on a hosted server as well reachable on a public WAN IP?


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Re: Clarity Synthetic



i am in the process of doind the exact same thing as you, I had the following question.

In airware, does the controller have to be in managed mode or monitor only?


For the APs, should they be managed in airwave or monitor only?


Before running a test with clarity Syntethic, i am assuming the APs will be terminating on the controller but once you run a test, airwave will reprovision the APs to terminate on the clarity Engine? is this correct?


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