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ClearPass Captive Portal config

This is a more broad networking concept question but I am just not quite getting it.


We recently implemented ClearPass for guest access. ClearPass server is at internally. We have a LAN guest network at (with a Palo Alto as the default gateway doing DHCP) and a wireless guest network (local to the controller and not routed) at for which the controller does DHCP. 


Guest connects to network, gets 192.168.10.X address and is assigned to clearpass_logon role. In order for them to hit the captive portal at we have to NAT (the controllers path to the internal network) to itself but I am not clear why. 


I have to document the connectivity and I see how it works but not why, I am really hung up on why we have to NAT to itself in order to hit the captive portal.

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Re: ClearPass Captive Portal config

The dst-nat process requires a L3 interface on the controller in order to resisted the traffic.

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Re: ClearPass Captive Portal config

I get that an L3 interface is needed to route the traffic internally, I am not clear why NAT is needed to do this. Cant the L3 interface in (on the controller) route internally by sending to (also on the controller)? 

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