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Clearpass and aruba controller 7210 authentication issue



I am using cleapass and aruba controller with 2 SSID with same vlan, 1 is parent and other is guest. Now I am facing problem that how can I authentication and distribute password in two different method, Like parents has to be registered himself giving credentials while guest has to get printed vouchers from reception.Please let me know how these 2 ssid will be authenticated in same vlan. I tried by making ssid "Guest" with new enforcement policy but page landing on the same page as ssid "Parent" 


Please help how to do the above exercise. Thanks


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Re: Clearpass and aruba controller 7210 authentication issue

you have a user which has a captive portal profile, there you set the landing page. so you need to use different users for both SSIDs. if you use clearpage you probably need to create a new captive portal page.


can you get further like this?

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