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Clearpass - same Mac Address with two device name


There are two questions I want to ask about the Clearpass report.


1. When I generate report from Clearpass insight, it shows that same login user account display different device name (Apple iPhone or Android) with same MAC address. Why same mac address will show different device name


2. In the Authentication Source, what is the difference between Endpoints Repository and Guest user Repository?




Re: Clearpass - same Mac Address with two device name

Endpoints Repository is a list of every MAC address that has authenticated to ClearPass or has been imported from some external context server, like AirWatch. The Guest User Repository is the location where Guest User accounts are created and live. To add to this, the Guest Device Repository is a seperate MAC address database, which is devices that have registered on the guest network or through MACTrac functionality, I think OnBoarded devices will also show up in this list.


I would confirm the MAC address in the Endpoints Database, when you find the MAC, click on it and see if there is a conflict shown in the details. It's a possible case of MAC spoofing, but sounds unlikely. I think with Android you can manually change your MAC address, so it's possible the client has a custom MAC.

Michael Haring
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