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Clearpass slow ssid

Hi all -


I'm *very* frustrated here and just about at the end of my rope. I'll start by saying I've had a support case open for 30 days on a wireless speed issue that we have isolated down to the configuration of our aruba 3400 and the clearpass server we are using for certificate based authentication. I'm wondering if anybody else out there is using clearpass for authentication (we are doing 2 factor - certificate and user) That is experiencing speed issues on wireless networks that are using this method?

The difference for us is night and day - using the clearpass server we get .5mb down (yes "."5) on the non-clearpass authentication we get 20MB


really looking for some insight here.


thank you



Re: Clearpass slow ssid

I'm confused here. Traffic does not go through ClearPass. ClearPass is
solely used for authentication. How are you measuring throughput?

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Re: Clearpass slow ssid


Can you private message me your case number so I can see the background on this?


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Re: Clearpass slow ssid

I know- this has been been fun. And it really doesn't help if I don't include all the information huh? My bad.


So here's more of the information I should have included. We have 2 controllers, we also have 3 others sites that are connected via MPLS. At each of those locations, we have AP's installed that come back to the controller thru the MPLS. For our old network (call it Net1) is using machine and user authentication to access the network and the internet - these systems are ok on speed (no they don't get the full pipe that the hardwire connection provides, but 20mb is pretty reasonable)


Then we have the new network (Net2) We are using certificate/user authentication to connect to this network. We did have a consultant come in to configure this. So the real issue is if people connect to Net2, internet speed is horrible. If we setup a new network (Net3) that using the certificate/user authentication it's speed is fine. but if we change the name of Net3 to Net2, now the speed is slow - the only thing we change is the name - so it's has to be the configuration on the clearpass server and I just can't find it.


So to test the speed we simply connect to the ssid, go to speedtest.net and test the speed. Disconnect from the ssid, close the browser, connect to the next ssid and repeat.


Hopefully this will help to clearify the whole picture - but I"m sure I have forgotten something.......



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Re: Clearpass slow ssid

Sure! Case # 1624916

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