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Client Match on Instant - when to use?

I have an IAP-225 running Client Match is disabled by default.


Based on Aruba marketing and white papers, it would seem that Client Match should always be enabled due to the advantages it brings.


1) Why is it disabled by default?

2) Under what circumstances should it be enabled?


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Re: Client Match on Instant - when to use?

Clientmatch is for "stickiness", "load balancing" and "band steering".  Please see detailed explanations at the first four links here:  https://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/forums/searchpage/tab/message?filter=includeTkbs,location&q=client%20match%20instant&include_tkbs=true&location=category:Support-Documentation-Downloads&collapse_discussion=true


If you don't want client match to do those things, leave it off.

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Re: Client Match on Instant - when to use?

To add to that, the default setting for Client Match on Instant has changed over time. I would expect on 6.5.1.x-4.3.1.x it is enabled by default, but you can upgrade to a newer version.


You also mention you have an IAP. If you just have a single AP the Sticky Client problem is not existing so you won't benefit too much from the feature. In networks with multiple APs, it's likely to improve overall client  (roaming) performance when Client Match is enabled.

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