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Client Moving between APs on different Locals

I plan on opening a case in short order unless there is a quick config change someone may be able to point out for me. I have recently switched from a master/master-standby architecture to a master/master-standby with 2 local controllers with more on the way. I have the majority of APs configured for local1 as primary and local2 as secondary and one AP configured to go to local2 as the primary LMS and local1 as secondary. When I as a client roam from an AP on local1 to the AP on local2 I lose Internet Connectivity but if I disconnect from the network and reconnect on the local2 AP everything works fine. I experience the same issue roaming from the AP on local2 to any AP on local1.


Any quick thoughts before I engage TAC?




Re: Client Moving between APs on different Locals

What's your VLAN / Layer 3 setup across both controllers?
Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: Client Moving between APs on different Locals

I spoke with our SE and he told us that we would need to disable the "enfoce-dhcp" option in the AAA profile to get this to work. Since the device was roaming between APs and the device didn't request a new IP it couldn't be added to the user table.

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