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Client Session Report Help

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if my syntax is just off.  I'm trying to run a client session report on 3 individual MAC addresses for a specific timeframe.  If I select to Filter on "Clients/Users" then I can use the "Client Search Filter".   I've tried to enter multiple MAC Addresses in this line without any luck.  I've tried separating by spaces, Commas or semi-colons with the same results every time.  Single MAC Addresses work fine, but I can't get the right expression for multiple.   


Is this even possible?  I would think so but I am starting to question it.  


If it makes a difference, I am on 7.6.2 currently, with plans to upgrade next week.


Any ideas or hints would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


Re: Client Session Report Help

Looks like functionality hasn't been built to do multiple client/users.  This would be a good feature to request through the Ideas Portal on the support site.


After several report runs, it looks like for the 3 unique MACs, you'd have to run 3 reports.  Though in the broader scope, you can also do a common MAC match i.e. "24:77:03" - this will pull data from all clients with this partial in their MAC address.



Rob Gin
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Re: Client Session Report Help

Thanks Rob.  That is kind of what I was expecting.  I'll see if the idea has already been posted, and if not, add it to the list.

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