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Client association detailed history


I am interested in collecting client association detailed history for few clients (minute by minute recording all movements to APs) for over one week period. What is the best way to get detailed data for client for this period? I have seen Airwave but it doe snot provide details as probably it is based on polling interval. 

Can someone suggest the best approach on either Controller or Airwave to get this information?



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Re: Client association detailed history

HI Friend,


You can achieve this by configuring a SYS Log server in Airwave.( Try with 3cDaemon )


Please feel free for any further help on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: Client association detailed history

Hi Dhanraj,

Thanks for your reply. I thought Airwave does not gather live information. In my case I have seen it polling data every 10 or 15 minutes. Do you think the syslog from Airwave would work or should it be done on controller?  I am also trying to understand where and how to reduce the polling time interval on Airwave. 

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Re: Client association detailed history

Airwave will NOT work in this situation.  You need to turn on user debugging on the controller and then send syslog from the controller to a syslog server.


To turn on user debugging for all users:

config t
logging level debugging user


If you turn on user debugging on the controller and you type "show log user all | include roamed", you would see a message like this:


Dec 18 13:00:48  stm[2025]: <501105> <NOTI> |AP 2NAP04-225@ stm|  Deauth from sta: 80:86:f2:3b:f4:70: AP Reason STA has roamed to another AP

You can send that to an external syslog  to look at detailed roaming.  It can get very chatty, because users roam all of the time, so make sure your syslog server can handle it.

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